Workspace Strategy


Gather company and department-specific data to understand your productivity styles and performance metrics.
  • What types of environments does your team need to optimize productivity and engagement?
  • What are the current and desired remote, hybrid, and in-office ratios?
  • What is your projected growth and scale rate by department and organization?


Analyze and review data using prescriptive analytics to create roadmaps, quantified workspace renderings, and growth strategies.
  • How can we optimize our remodeling schedule to allow your team to continue using the workspace, if necessary?
  • How can we optimize certain workspaces to satisfy the needs of your teams?
  • What environments are needed to encourage specific behaviors, and what are your goals for each workspace environment?


Spatial comparisons, space planning, and design complete with budget and timelines.
  • We perform a potential real estate cost savings analysis to help you make informed decisions.
  • How can we align the physical space to drive your brand’s culture, image, and company vision?
  • Our focus is on you; we work with your team to ensure accurate project management breakdowns and timing analyses.