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There is a lot of speculation and generic data out there around return to work, work from home, new office layouts, sublease options, etc. While providing insight, it is not giving leadership a lot of usable information to create a plan.

What is needed is specific data from your teams, and departments analyzed in conjunction with your unique workspace to create a clear plan to inspire employee confidence while keeping them safe.

We Help You Get Back To Work

DESIGN+BUILD and Newmark Knight Frank have teamed up to help Portland companies open their doors safely to their employees. We are leading the way with workspace reopening plans tailored to your employees and organization.

Are You Prepared to Reopen?

Do You Have the Right Data?

Anyone can speculate on how workers feel about returning to work. But do you have actual data from your workforce? How do you know which data to collect? How will you use it to make the right decisions today?

Are You Communicating a Plan?

Your employees are looking to you to tackle the unique challenges presented by COVID-19. What’s your plan? Are you communicating to your organization? Have you given them the confidence to return to the workplace?

What Will Your Workplace Look Like?

We all know returning to work does not mean “business as usual.” But what will it look like? How are you planning to reopen your workplace and define the “new normal” for your employees?

The Process

#1 Workforce Survey

We’ve worked closely with Portland companies to develop a workforce survey platform specifically designed to search out the way your team works now and in the future. The survey takes less than 5 minutes and generates the data necessary to analyze your current situation and take the first steps toward reopening safely.

#2 Workspace Assessment

Our expertise in design, construction, and real estate means we know workspaces better than anyone else. We review your floorplans and furniture plans, identifying high risk areas, intersections, and meeting spaces. We calculate the new capacity of your workspace given social distancing recommendations.

#3 Recommendations

Finally, we use the collected data to recommend a custom reopening Plan. We use our collective expertise to recommend occupancy phases, behavioral changes, environmental changes, and commercial lease modifications.

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