1300 SW 5th Ave. #1201, Portland, OR 97201

Northwest Analytics


WA is an award-winning software developer with a focus on SPC charting and analysis software solutions. With headquarters located in Portland and additional offices in Taiwan and the UK.

The Challenge:

Northwest Analytics had recently resigned their lease, and so embracing the opportunity to update their office, they wanted to create a more inviting space for employees and attracting new talent, while making the most of natural light where possible. Their current offices were dark and not particularly inviting; they had an unused space dedicated to a reception area and too few conference rooms. There was no social breakout space available for staff meetings and get-togethers. The challenge was to create a space that met their needs while staying within the Landlord T.I allowance.

The Solution:

The DESIGN+BUILD design team optimized the existing layout to accommodate an additional conference room as well as break our area large enough for the team to meet in. The previously unused reception area is now a beautiful entrance that creates an excellent first impression to greet visitors and candidates as they enter the space. Our Designers chose a clean and warm color pallet of natural woods, light greys, and whites to make the space feel bright and airy. The use of glass and wood slats allow maximum light from the perimeter windows to penetrate to the center of the workspace.