1300 SW 5th Ave. #1201, Portland, OR 97201

Genesis Financial Solutions

Genesis Financial

75,000 sq. ft. | Portland OR
A welcoming and professional space that
focuses on community.

The challenge:
Genesis wanted to consolidate their multiple floors into a
cohesive space that supported their need for 30 private offices
and 220 open office seats.

The solution:
The DESIGN+BUILD team worked closely with Genesis
management to layout this single-level behemoth of a building
in a way that felt comfortable and accessible. The main break
room was centered in the building to act as a gathering place for
all employees, with two additional coffee bars closer to the work
areas. We worked with many consultants to ensure security and
technology were top of the line for this financial services firm.
Collaboration tables were used to break up large areas of open
office, with plenty of huddle rooms for private conversations.

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