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Our Services

Workplace Strategy

Our team applies expertise in psychology, consumer experience, and workplace organization to develop a strategic plan for your office redesign.

We’ll work with you to analyze your needs and challenges and identify potential design solutions.

Architecture & Interior Design

Our expert design team understands how workspace impacts performance, motivation, and morale.

We’ll help you make the most of your space and your budget with practical, intentional office designs tailored to your requirements and workflows.


Before construction starts, we’ll sit down with you to develop the budget, schedule, and plan.

We use a quantitative approach grounded in more than 10 years of practical experience to drive down costs, streamline construction timelines, and provide realistic estimates.


We oversee the entire construction and build-out process to protect your investment and ensure your peace of mind.

Our proactive approach to communication and problem solving eliminates many common concerns to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

The way people work has changed, which is why we believe it’s time to turn the traditional workplace design model upside down.

Our Process

We deliver a seamless methodology with our amazing talent collaborating on local projects from strategy to design and delivery. We call it Discover, Design, Deliver, and here’s how it transforms our clients’ experience.

#1 The First Step is Discovery

Let’s Figure It Out Together

We ask a lot of questions… We want to learn all about your company, your needs, and goals, your people, what’s working and what is not, as well as learn your vision for your office space. We believe its important to dig down into the “why” of workspace  and peer into the future.  Are you trying to attract top talent, improve collaboration, focus or improve company morale? All this information is then taken into account in the discover stage.

It’s this holistic approach to your project during the earliest stage that enables us to provide you with detailed insights into feasibility, project costs, zoning, code requirements and design concepts. Right from the start we ensure that we have the right foundation in place to support the project’s future decisions

#2 Next Design Development

The project becomes a visual reality

During this iterative step, we start the process of defining your needs into tangible design ideas. Taking the data from the Discover stage and applying it to physical space while maximizing your budget or T.I allowance right from the start. This is also where the fun happens! Design Development is when each client makes a lot of decisions. What wall colors, lighting fixtures, flooring, furniture, and ceiling options are to be used? It can be overwhelming. So, we’ll guide you through the process and will narrow down the recommendations for you.

We protect your budget during this step as well. As selections are made, the foremost thought of our designers and construction managers is to ensure there will not be any budgetary surprises. Yes, we do all the dirty work. This is all the documentation for construction plans, and we take care of all city permit requirements.

#3 The Dream is Delivered!

On time and On Budget

We handle every detail for your office build or remodel, so you can rest assured that it will be on time, on budget and move-in ready.

Eureka! We’ve finally reached the demolition, construction, and furniture fit-out stage. Our overarching goal is to conduct this build-out with little or no impact on your daily business. This requires close orchestration to coordinate our tasks to your work business schedule.

If you’ve ever remodeled an office before, you already know that the frustrating experience is not knowing who’s coming, what’s happening, and having to relentlessly hound your general contractor for an update. That’s not us. A core principle of Design + Build Group is client-centric communication. That means you’re always up-to-date on your project, and you have peace of mind that the completion date will be met.

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