How is DESIGN+BUILD different than a traditional architecture firm?

We differ from a traditional architecture firm because we bring multiple in-house disciplines to our projects. Our firm niche focuses are within corporate and creative workspace interiors. As a result of our specificity, we provide our clients with greater and more accurate information upfront. Essentially, our firm provides clients with a single-source solution to their workspace needs.

What does design and build mean?

Design-and-build means that we are a multidisciplinary firm. Our team encompasses both architectural and contractor disciplines. In other terms, the design-and-build methodology includes an “all hand in” approach to managing client projects.

How much will it cost?

Cost varies widely depending on the scope of services. From a cold shell remodel to a refresh project, we see prices range between $15 per sq to $250 per sq. Naturally, pricing depends on the scope of work and finish selections. The beauty of the design and build model is that we can design an accurate budget from the start to eliminate budgetary surprises.

How long do projects take?

A typical project timeline can expect completion in 6-12 months, depending on plans and conditions. Most projects take anywhere between 3-6 months for design development and an additional 3-6 months for project delivery (including project management, construction, move management, and furniture). One of our core values is providing clients with an accurate timeline in the early planning stages.

How long do projects take? My business needs to continue operations throughout the project; how will you minimize disruptions?

We work with a variety of clients. Many of which are in various stages of relocating, remodeling, or otherwise reconfiguring their existing space. We take a phased approach to project timelines to ensure that your business can continue operations, if necessary, with minimal disruption.

What happens after the project is completed?

We believe our management doesn’t end with the completion of projects. Our team will provide aftercare services, including assistance with change and general direction as you become accustomed to your new workspace.