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Construction / Project Manager Position

Reports To:
Business Zen Leader

Position Purpose:
To lead, coordinate and manage construction projects both internally and externally (clients)

Key Challenges:
DESIGN+BUILD is a rapidly expanding organization which fosters and cultivates a culture of innovation and creativity to set themselves apart from their competitors. As DESIGN+BUILD continues its growth trajectory with a higher level of clients and projects we find ourselves needing to produce projects faster, with tighter margins and a more attentive level of customer service to remain competitive and gain referrals from Clients. Our goal is to simplify the communication, accountability, and management of the tenant improvement process both internally and for our clients.

The Role:
The Construction / Project Manager is expected to own, develop and direct all activities vital to completing profitable, timely projects while delighting the client.
Construction / Project Manager must demonstrate competence in key performance areas which include defining and writing construction scope, project procurement, budget management, construction scheduling along conceptual budgeting and estimating. Ability to prioritize and multi-task while leading meetings, delivering reports, submittals, maintaining sub-lists, subcontracts, schedules, change orders, insurance, material procurement, logistics, as-builts, and project closeout.
Depending on the size and complexity of projects, the Project Manager may be responsible for managing multiple projects with competing demands at any one time. This requires the Project Manager to have the capacity to coordinate and plan resources and the efforts of the internal teams (Design, Technical, and Client Advocate), contractors, and/or consultants to deliver projects to the program, whilst overseeing quality control throughout the project life cycle. Being able to maintain and achieve targeted gross profit margins for each job is essential.
As a key player in ensuring projects are profitable for the company and clients are delighted the Construction / Project Manager is expected to work very closely with the Account Manager, Design and Estimating departments to review preliminary drawings, attend meetings and answer questions and provide feedback during the preliminary design and design development stages.
Key to success in the position of Project Manager is the ability to have strong communication skills, the capacity to determine priorities, hold internal and external stakeholders accountable to meet strict deadlines, quality standards and balance the competing demands of multiple sites.

Roles & Responsibilities
1.0 Project Management

Review and identify technical and commercial risks of project contracts specific to specifications and drawings prior to commencement of construction.
Work with Site Superintendent on-site establishment planning, sequencing, organization, etc. and check that documentation onsite (reports, designs drawings, etc) is current and available.
Prepare project forecast program and milestone indicators and review project schedule for delivery of materials and readiness for subcontractor works.
Ensure that a photographic dilapidation report on building conditions is prepared prior to the start of any project.
Coordinate and chair Client Project Meetings.
Conduct regular inspections of work in progress and complete works to review quality standards, adherence to specifications and to ensure progress is in accordance with the project scope.
Take immediate action where deviations from the project plan are identified and oversee that approved variations are tracking to meet specified time frames/deadlines.
Respond promptly to serious or complex construction issues, notifying Business Zen Leader of impact to project outcome.
Ensure Site Superintendents are regularly monitoring work for any defects and follow up with Site Superintendents to confirm defects rectification works are being coordinated as soon as possible to ensure the timely closing out of all defects prior to practical completion.
Ensure Site Superintendents are assessing that materials and products are in accordance with the project scope. Review non-conforming product/material specific to the project. Provide direction to Site Superintendents for the resolution of nonconforming product/material.
Ensure Site Superintendents are maintaining a clean site policy at all times and ensure that subcontractors are aware of the required standards i.e. subcontractors regularly clean up the work areas and remove rubbish on a daily basis.
Chair weekly Client Project Meetings with clients and ensure the minutes are recorded, distributed and actions are promptly initiated.
Lead weekly work in progress meetings with Site Superintendents and construction team, address issues affecting project timeline, and hold subcontractors accountable for works to be completed.
Prepare for and actively participate in Substantial Completion Handover meetings with clients.
Actively participate and contribute to post-project analysis forums and provide feedback on
subcontractor performance.

2.0 Financial management
Maintain and achieve targeted gross profit margins.
Review cost overruns on a weekly basis and implement preventative actions to minimize cost overruns.
Update active projects forecasts in the Job Cost Budget / at Risk in RedTeam at the end of each month (week if needed).
Check, verify, approve and allocate cost codes to invoices received and forward to accounts on a daily basis. Respond to accounts with urgency for invoice authorization and any additional detail requirements.
Raise variations with Technical Director in accordance with the Budget Variance Sheet.
Ensure procurement schedule is being adhered to.

3.0 Administration and reporting
Provide clients with weekly updates of progress with photos and project information.
Acknowledge client requests within 24 hours and communicate a timeline of when client requests will be addressed.
Prepare project documentation (reports, proposals, presentations, etc) as required.
Ensure formal written correspondence is obtained from clients for any work that is outside the scope
of contract obligations.
Update the Business Zen Leader and Technical Director on the status of each project on a weekly basis.
Assist with undertaking other duties and responsibilities as required.

4.0 People and performance
Ensure subcontractors and all personnel onsite conduct work in accordance with the requirements and expectations contained within the Jobsite Protocol at all times.
Comply with company policies and procedures at all times.
Continually display company values whilst conducting work.
Continually assess the skill set and capacity of the site team and provide feedback to the Business Zen Leader.
Actively participate in forums, training programs, and education as directed by the company.
Actively work towards achieving individual and business objectives.
Assist with the development and training of juniors and interns.
Continually work towards building and maintaining productive and sound working relationships
with all internal and external stakeholders.

5.0 Workplace health and safety (OSHA)
Continually review site team’s compliance to PPE requirements and OSHA policies and
procedures. Correct non-compliant behavior immediately.
Ensure Site Superintendents are conducting regular site safety meetings with subcontractors. Address
subcontractor non-compliance immediately.
Notify Business Zen Leader immediately regarding any unsafe or potentially hazardous
situations on site.
Monitor that reporting and recording of safety documentation are as per project & landlord/owner requirements.
Conduct your own work in a safe manner and in accordance with OSHA policies and procedures.
Identify and raise risk management and OSHA issues on an ongoing basis in relation to area of
responsibility to ensure that risks and OSHA issues are identified and addressed in a timely

6.0 Qualifications and Experience Qualifications and experience
5+ years previous experience working within a similar role, ideally within the commercial office T.I industry.
Qualifications in Project Management or a related discipline.
Demonstrated understanding of trade quotations, shortcuts, and areas of blow-outs in costs.
Demonstrated ability to interpret plans.
First-hand experience dealing with sub-contractors and suppliers. Broad knowledge of local building codes.
Intermediate Microsoft Office skills.

7.0 Person specification
Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills.
High level of accuracy and attention to detail.
Sense of urgency, deadline-driven with exceptional organizational and multi-tasking skills.
Strong negotiation skills with the ability to influence and collaborate with all internal and external
Customer-orientated with the ability to adapt and respond to different types of personalities.
Troubleshooting and sound problem-solving skills, patient and level-headed (i.e. not short/quick-tempered).

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