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Design+Build Interview with Karen Portman

We had the pleasure to sit down with Karen Portman, head of Office Services and Facilities at Wieden+Kennedy, to discuss her views on workspace design, how the pandemic changed the way they work, and how other forces will impact their office moving forward. Wieden+Kennedy is an international and full-service marketing agency that has offices all […]

Do Your Current Offices Support The Growth You Want For Your Business?

Many companies – especially those in established businesses and industries – are realizing that it’s time to update their office environments. Why? Office design has needed to adjust to: Changes in how, where, and when we work New job roles and work dynamics Demands for faster innovation Over time, the idea of what an office […]

The Post Pandemic Workplace

The resumption of a more traditional world in 2021 or 2022 will significantly change the conventional office space. Some even predict that the office will become a thing of the past as people continue to work remotely permanently. There has long been a trend of people working remotely, which was significantly sped up by the […]

How the Pandemic of 2020 Has Changed Workplace & Workspace Design

The last year has seen a alot of articles attempting to predict what offices and other types of workplaces will be like once a more traditional norm is restored. While it is easy to see the changes as being a result of COVID-19, the truth is that there has long been a trend toward working […]

Key Insights to Designing a Flexible Office Space

In today’s ever-changing business world, more businesses are moving toward flexible work settings that allow them to evolve organically, expand operations, and respond to challenges. While flexible office environments tend to eschew the rules of traditional offices, some guiding principles and insights are fundamental to successfully adopting a more flexible approach to office design. In […]

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