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The Benefits Of LED Lighting

If your organization hasn’t transitioned to LED lighting yet, it’s time to reconsider your reservations. LED bulbs are more affordable and energy-efficient than ever before. Plus, a variety of retrofitting and plug-in options are on the market, so you can convert your whole building to LED without having to overhaul your existing lighting systems. This post will explore the benefits of LED lighting and examine how LEDs can improve office design.

Benefits of LED

By adopting LED lighting for your building, you can experience benefits such as:

Improved Energy Efficiency
Because LED bulbs are more efficient at converting electricity into light than traditional lighting sources, less energy is wasted on heat production. As a result, LEDs consume up to 90 percent less electricity than incandescent bulbs. Reduced energy consumption translates to lower overhead expenses, saving your business money in the long run by protecting your bottom line.

Longer Bulb Lifetimes
Today’s LED bulbs can last from 50,000 to 60,000 hours. That means if you run your LED bulbs for 10 hours a day, they’ll last up to 13 years. The average incandescent bulb, on the other hand, is rated to last only 1,500 hours.

Increased Durability
LED bulbs are more durable than just about any other bulb on the market today. They’re resistant to bumps, debris, and temperature changes, so you don’t have to worry about replacing broken bulbs.

Immediate Light
With LED bulbs, there’s no warm-up time before maximum illumination occurs. As soon as you flip the switch, LEDs deliver instant light when and where you need it.

LED bulbs are more sustainable than other available bulbs. They don’t contain mercury or other hazardous materials like traditional light bulbs so that they can be thrown away without fear of environmental contamination.

LED Lighting and Office Design

At DESIGN+BUILD, we prefer LED lighting for the office environment for these reasons:

Maximum Directionality
LED bulbs offer the ability to direct light exactly where you want it. So whether you want to illuminate a large space with area lighting or spotlight a particular section of your office, LEDs allow you to deliver light exactly where it’s needed with minimal waste.

Improved Color Rendering
Traditional fluorescent office lights tend to wash colors out. On the other hand, LEDs replicate natural night for realistic colors, making them better suited to modern office spaces.

More Options
LEDs are offered in a wide variety of colors, color temperatures, and brightnesses, so you have greater flexibility in how you illuminate your office space. With LED lighting, the options for lighting are virtually limitless.

Your Office Design Experts

The experts at DESIGN+BUILD are here to help you explore how your team can better use your office space. So whether you’re considering upgrading to LED technology or you’re ready to optimize your work environment for the challenges of the 21st century, contact our experts today.