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Who We Are

DESIGN+BUILD is a local team of individuals brought together by an intrinsic desire to buck the status quo. We believe design influences human behavior and that workspace design is an imperative tool to engage, empower, and inspire people to do their best work.

Jeffrey Snair

Challenging the status quo is where Jeffrey excels. His role is to ensure the team can do their jobs with minimal disruption and ensure a smooth operation within our company. Jeffrey is entrepreneurial minded and loves exploring new ways of doing things.
Personal Interests: Leadership, the psychology of work and workspace design. Hiking in the fantastic PNW and spending time with his wife and son.

Daniel Snair

Technical Director and Co-Founder
A key player in maintaining alignment between the internal design, estimating, and build team members, Daniel works diligently to ensure the design is staying within budget as the project develops from the initial stages. Daniel's successful track record of making sure we meet internal and external goals is a win-win for everybody involved.
Personal Interests: Architectural design, the future of work, snowboarding and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Maddy Mackin Freeman

Senior Designer
With over ten years of experience in art & design, Maddy's broad expertise within the physical workspace is purpose-driven. Her deep belief in the power of design and its ability to impact our daily lives fuels her approach to interiors. Maddy's work strikes a balance between form and function thanks to her passion for aesthetics and extraordinary appreciation of detail. Furthermore, Maddy approaches each project as a unique opportunity to engage, empower, and inspire people.
Professional Interests: Intersection of art & design, wellness & accessibility, sustainable design, and material honesty.

Sara Donovan

Interior Designer
Sara is an Interior Designer at DESIGN+BUILD, and has worked on many commercial workplace projects of varying sizes. Driven by her passion for making her client's space functional, beautiful, and long-lasting, she takes pride in her commitment to exploring new and upcoming trends in the workplace.

Robbe Abell

Construction Project Manager
Robbe Abell is an experienced Project Manager and Artist. Driven by a desire to create one unified work flow, from initial concept and being integral in its completion. He takes pride in providing the best experience possible to all clients throughout a project. As a Commercial Project Manager, his goals include working directly with clients to ensure deliverables fall within the applicable scope and budget. In addition to his primary job functions, Robbe has been recognized by architects, designers, engineers, subcontractors and clients for his extraordinary commitment to creating professional relationships that work together building dreams.

Andrew Snair

Client Advocate
With a background in construction and account management, Andrew works tirelessly to ensure the needs and goals of the client are staying front and center from project initiation through to completion. Andrew is a wealth of knowledge for all things regarding lease negotiation and T.I. allowances. 
Personal Interests: Networking, construction, snowboarding, and mixology.

Glenna Pelham

Office Manager / Finance
Glenna Pelham has worked in business management for 30 years. She is the Office and Finance Manager for DESIGN+BUILD, handling legal, accounting, and administrative aspects. Glenna is our appointed “quarterback” for managing client projects & the DESIGN+BUILD Team.

Don Snair

Pre-Construction / Project Manager
Don Snair is an experienced project manager and construction organizer. Driven by the desire to deliver seamless construction projects, he takes pride in providing the best possible construction experience. As a Construction Project Manager, Don's goals include quality and competitive buyout, safe and organized project set-up, and seamless project closeout and documentation. In addition to his primary job functions, Don is recognized by his peers, team members, and Clients for practical problem solving and solutions without compromising quality or design intent.

Tony Streeby

Site Superintendent
Tony Streeby is an experienced Estimator, Project Manager, and Site Superintendent. Driven by strong work ethics, he takes pride in providing the best project possible. As a Site Superintendent, his goals include communication, timeliness, and attention to detail. In addition to his primary job functions, Tony has been recognized by his peers for his extraordinary commitment to providing successful projects and happy clients.

Natalie Hough

Business Development Manager
Bio coming soon

Kyle Chandler

Digital Marketing Manager
Kyle Chandler is an experienced digital marketer helping D+B acquire sustainable growth. A newly-grad from the University of Portland, Kyle brings a strategic and creative approach to marketing. He is your one-stop-shop for creatives and marketing content.
Personal Interests: Cars, staying active, and cooking.

Chris Derks

Chris Derks is a designer with over 8 years of experience in the architecture industry. With experience ranging from historical renovation, urban planning, welding draftsmanship and interiors renovation, there is little that he is not willing and interested to take on. Utilizing his vast background, Chris is steadfast to provide his clients with proficiency in design development.
Personal Interests: Drawing and painting, permaculture, skiing & Running.

Our Story

What’s the story behind DESIGN+BUILD?

Jeffrey: Daniel and I formed DESIGN+BUILD 10 in 2010. Although we did not realize it at the time, we have shared a vision for our company from the very beginning. Daniel and I are idealistic people who realized something that changed our lives while working for our father's construction company. The construction business was established around a status quo mindset. They regularly ignored innovation with claims of, "we have always done it this way." We believe this methodology is inflexible and all but disregards the customer's voice. In 2010, my brother and I committed to doing things differently, and we have been positively impacting businesses ever since.

Daniel: Before DESIGN+BUILD became a reality, I worked as an apprentice for a design-build construction company in Sydney, Australia. I began to appreciate the full-service approach to completing office T.I projects. The design and build methodology reduces risk and helps keep project costs down while improving the implementation of the client’s vision. Starting D+B was the scariest decision we have ever made. However, the opportunity to change the traditional nature of the “workplace” was too great to let pass.

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