• Has working remotely been productive?
  • Has your requirement for space changed? Will you be using your space differently? Less space, more or no change?
  • What does success look like for getting back to work for your company?

With so many unanswered questions, DESIGN+BUILD and Newmark Knight Frank have teamed up to help you get answers. We are leading the way with workspace reopening plans tailored specifically to your employees, organization, and workspace.

Using data and feedback from your team, our workspace consultants overlay your team’s short term and long term needs with your actual workspace. Our goal is to show you solutions to meet your immediate needs as well as holistic solutions based on revelations you may have discovered in the last couple of months, including lease options, spacial requirements and remote work options.

The Process

#1 Workforce Survey

We’ve worked closely with Portland companies to developed a workforce survey platform specifically designed for COVID-19. The survey takes less than 5 minutes and generates the data necessary to analyze your current situation and take the first steps toward reopening as well as provide insight into long term planning.

#2 Workspace Assessment

Our expertise in design, construction, and real estate means we know workspaces better than anyone else. We review your floorplans and furniture plans, identifying high risk areas, intersections, and meeting spaces. We calculate the new capacity of your workspace given social distancing recommendations.

#3 Recommendations

Finally, we use the collected data to recommend a custom COVID-19 Reopening Plan. We use our collective expertise to recommend occupancy phases, behavioral changes, environmental changes, and commercial lease modifications.

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