February 2020 - DESIGN+BUILD Workspace

Must-Have Office Design Features for 2020

At DESIGN+BUILD Group, we’re committed to continuously refining the way your team uses your office space to drive productivity and facilitate engagement.

Office Relocation Design Best Practices

Whether your organization is looking to move a team in your existing building, or you’re moving your headquarters to the other side of town, an office relocation offers the ideal time to refine your workspace strategies.

What is Biophilia and how does it affect the Workspace.

One of the most exciting trends of our time is gaining momentum in workplace design, called biophilic office design.  Don’t be scared by its long name; ‘biophilia’ is basically just a single perfect word to describe how we as humans like nature and benefit from connecting with it.  So then what is biophilic office design? […]

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